Online Shopping Support

Get off the Couch 

That's right, most of our mistakes with online shopping happen when we order clothes while sitting on the couch. Check out some easy tips below to help you choose correctly the first time.


  • Use the size charts, all clothing on the GCM Collection website has a size chart with the description. We also have a size guide that appears on every page that shows you where to measure on your body and converts from inches to cm. Just look for the measuring tape symbol.
  • If you do not own a measuring tape - then BUY ONE!!
  • Compare sizing with clothing you already own. 
  • If the clothing store does not have a size guide be wary.

Return Policies

  • Make sure you check out the return policy for the store, if they are offering change of mind returns or free returns, then that is great!  Although the cost has probably already been factored into the item you are buying.
  • Not all stores will offer a refund for incorrect size, GCM Collection included. We want to keep pricing down as much as possible which is why all items come with a size guide.


Some common materials you will see are:

  • Cottonis made from the natural fibers of cotton plants and is spun into yarn that is then woven to create a soft, durable fabric used for everyday garments, like t-shirts, and home items, such as bed sheets. Cotton prints and cotton solids are both available designs.
  • Linen - is made from the flax plant. It’s an incredibly absorbent and breathable fabric, which makes it ideal for summer clothing, as the lightweight qualities allow air to pass through and moderate the body temperature.
  • Polyester - is a man-made synthetic fiber and is characterized by its durable nature; however it is not breathable and doesn’t absorb liquids, like sweat, well. Polyester blends are also very popular as the durable fiber can add strength to another fabric, while the other fabric makes polyester more breathable.
  • Spandex - is also known as Lycra or elastane, Spandex is a synthetic fiber characterized by its extreme elasticity. Spandex is blended with several types of fibers to add stretch and is used for everything from jeans to athleisure to hosiery.
  • Viscose - is made from wood pulp that is used as a silk substitute. It is a silk-like fabric and is appealing because it is much cheaper to produce. Viscose is a versatile fabric used for clothing items such as blouses, dresses, and jackets.
  • If a store does not indicate what type of material the clothing is made from - BE WARY!!
  • Compare materials with clothes you already own.


  • Check out the online Reviews - there is always plenty to learn there. Although it can be hard for new stores to have enough reviews to satisfy you.

Store Information

  • Does the online store tell you where they are based? Do they have a Facebook and Instagram Shop - this adds another layer of protection to the buyer as certain criteria needs to be met to have a shop on these platforms.
  • Keep an eye out for Reels on Facebook and Instagram - they are great way for online stores to showcase their goods.